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Stem cell–based therapy for neonatal lung disease
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Every day we strive to achieve transparency and quality, and remain in the vanguard of science and technology, always fully aware that we are handling one of the resources most precious to human life.

Genico is a Swiss company operating throughout Europe. It provides a service of private preservation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

Genico owns a biobank dedicated exclusively to the preservation of stem cells, regularly licensed and accredited by the Swiss authorities for the preservation, import and export of umbilical cord blood. The laboratory operates in compliance with the international standards of the sector (NetCord-FACT International Standards) and it is ISO 9001 - certified.

The company refers families to a consultant for a face-to-face meeting, in order to resolve any doubts about preservation for autologous use and donation of cord blood stem cells.
Umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells. It is the mother's choice whether to dispose of it after delivery, or to preserve it, so that a precious resource for life becomes available to her own family and to the community.

Stem cells coming from bone marrow and umbilical cord blood are transplanted in order to treat numerous pathologies, as they are capable of regenerating damaged tissue.

In most European countries it is now possible to donate the umbilical cord to a public biobank, or to have it preserved privately, so that it is available to one's own family.
In this website, exhaustive information is available on stem cell preservation and about Genico's service, in addition to a special section to expecting mothers, with precious advice on how to travel happily “on the family way”.

The information on this website are intended for personal consultation only, and absolutely do not replace the advice from the mother's physician and gynecologist.